Month: October 2005

Your Marketing’s Not As Cool As You Think It Is

Ahh…the marketing lessons that one can learn by watching The Apprentice… Last night, 4 of the little kiss-ups got fired because they created a sales promotion that made sales go DOWN 34%. The reason? They fell in love with their

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I hate Alltel

Normally, I try not to spew hatred in a general non-focused sense…but I truly hate the company Alltel on all levels. In a business sense, I have to deal with their Yellow Page con men in the Alltel Publishing division.

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BR not PR

Tara and Steve have some excellent posts about PR folks “not getting it” in the blogosphere. I love Tara’s new lingo of “BR”. It’s definitely going to become a major player in marketing. And while both of their posts deal

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Word of Mouth Lies

Without a doubt…Word-of-Mouth is the best marketing there is…hands down. Of course, the trouble with WOM has always been how to influence/control/monitor it. In the past few years, strides have been made in this aspect with real world and online

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MGMA Meeting

Thanks for the great response at the MGMA conference in Nashville yesterday. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and really great questions and comments from the 150 attendees. Hopefully, folks learned how to create a marketing plan and got some extra

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Sherman’s Branding to the Sea

Apparently, I have not captured the attention of civic leaders with my rants, ridicule, and general hatred of the fallacy of “re-branding” a city/ state /or any product Another city has jumped on the branding bandwagon…Atlanta. The slogan behind their

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Hard to Dance with Fruit on Your Head

I was perusing the Sunday coupons and saw that Chiquita has launched a brand extension called Fruit Bites….cut apples in bags that the kiddies can take to school. Questions…1) Apples are pretty portable in the natural state…why is this product

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