Month: September 2005

Denny Crane

There’s a neat marketing tactic involved in the promotion of the new season of “Boston Legal” which premieres tonight on ABC. There have been banner ads popping up that look like typical law office advertising. The ads promote the firm

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They just don’t get it

Move over Captain Morgan and Juicy Fruit, there’s another corporate blog disaster coming. Chrysler has launched a blog called The Firehouse. However, you have to login and register before you can see it. I particularly like Points #4 and #11

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ALWAYS be in control of your ad placement

Here’s an image via Adrants. If you’re not going to be actively involved in placing your advertising, the billboard company will. Childhood Obesity that the media has accused us of creating? Bada ba da da…..I’m lovin’ it. tags:: marketing advertising

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Lawyer Logos in Love

In addition to highlighting a great post I had (if I do say so myself) on Marketing By Committee, Tom Kane over at the Legal Marketing Blog has also pointed out a post I had back in June concerning bad

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10 items or less – Cash only

Companies say they respect their customers’ intelligence. Here’s a quick example of what a lie that is……. In any given store (department, grocery, etc) with a checkout line, there is usually a “10 items or less” line. We all know

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Free Stuff

When I do a marketing keynote, I always give a list of resources for further study/information. Invariably, the list always include numerous items from Seth Godin. Seth is sharp. 99.999% of his stuff is right on the mark (that’s better

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The Paradox of Choice

A few years ago, an Ethiopian doctor visited and observed in a healthcare facility where I did the marketing. After I picked him up at the airport in Nashville, I helped him get settled in the short-term apartment where he

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