Month: August 2005

Andy Williams vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot

It’s back-to-school time which means more ads for back-to-school “gear”. (We didn’t have “gear” when I was a kid, we had “supplies”.) My fondest memory of back to school shopping was one year when we came home late from a

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That’s not really necessary. Thanks.

Have you ever noticed how many people include their e-mail address in their automatic “e-signature” at the bottom of outgoing e-mails? Isn’t this redundant? I mean, they’ve just SENT me an e-mail. I can look at the top of the

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See Spot Monopolize…Target Dog!

The upcoming Aug22 edition of the New Yorker magazine will have only one ad….that ad repeated several times throughout the magazine. Target Department stores has bought all the ad placement for this edition of the New Yorker. See this NYT

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I have an opportunity for you

Maybe it’s a sign that your “company” is a little too pushy when cabbies can identify escaped convicts by lack of “sales enthusiasm”. See this news story. Takeaway: If you do happen to murder a law enforcement officer and then

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I am worn out. The Fast Company BlogJam 2005 is over. I had 5 posts in 2 days which is more than I typically do here in a week or two. There were lots of interesting discussions…and a little windbaggery

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FC Now — Spamalot

Another Fast Company post about e-marketing’s worst enemy tags:: marketing, Fast Company, blogs

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FC Now – Puck Stopping

Day 2 of the FC Now BlogJam…The first post of the day discusses hockey and business. tags:: marketing, Fast Company, blogs

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