Month: July 2005

More Municipal Brand Talk!

We”re stuck on a topic. But, it’s a good one…the “rebranding” of municipalities and states. Tara a/k/a “miss rogue” had a great comment about cities’ brand strategy… “…Perhaps re-branding a city wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it involved

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Follow up on Brand it

Bowling Green and Kentucky aren’t the only folks “creating brands.” Forget mad cow…misplaced branding efforts have spilled across the border to Canada. Thanks to Tara for the heads-up. tags:: marketing, branding, kentucky, municipal brands, tara hunt

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Brand it

One of the local Chambers of Commerce is having a press conference this week to “unveil” their new brand for economic development efforts. That’s interesting. I’m having a press conference next week to unveil my new personality and what people

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Like Lemmings Off a Cliff

I had posted earlier about the odd feeling of the marketing offer to be treated like a GM employee during the midst of huge GM employee layoffs. Apparently, this didn’t phase too many people as the “GM Employee Discount for

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While preparing a presentation a few days ago, I came across a quote that was a perfect fit for a book I recently read. Seth Godin’s “All Marketers are Liars” deals with marketers telling stories that consumers want to believe.

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Dancing Machine

I blogged a few months ago about the instant infatuation and total media coverage that could come up about any particular thing and then blow away like it was never there. This idea as it deals with marketing has popped

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