Month: June 2005

Marketing a Non-Profit Organization

Mark your calendars…I’ll be presenting a program for the United Way of Southern Kentucky on August 10 from 2-4pm entitled “Marketing a Non-Profit Organization. We’ll address the unique marketing opportunities and challenges faced by charities, public service agencies, and other

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If you don’t have anything to say…

My Jr. High Health teacher used to repeat a quote to me….depending on the exact wording or the source, either Abraham Lincoln or Samuel Johnson once said… “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out

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More on Logos

You’d think this was a problem (read: mistake) that only very small businesses would have…but I’m seeing it more and more with larger companies. Unless you know typography and design, you shouldn’t be designing your own logo. I saw a

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ALL Messages are Ad Messages

GM announced this week that they’re laying off 25,000 of their employees. GM is running an ad campiagn this week that offers to treat you like an employee by offering the Option1 Employee Discount to everyone. Do I want to

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