Month: May 2005

Medieval Venture Capitalists

Here’s a little history lesson for you… When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1436, entrepreneurs rushed to find venture capitalists to fund massive libraries and bookstores to hold all those books. Pets Library was dedicated to all those

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He had a Grrrrreeeat Voice

One of my favorite pieces of useless trivia is the name “Thurl Ravenscroft”. It’s a unique name. You’ve probably never heard of him but you’ve heard his voice hundreds of times. He was the voice of Tony the Tiger for

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Cure for the Common Cold Call

About 2 or 3 times a week, I get a call from someone wanting to sell me something. And these are not the telemarketing freaks at suppertime. These are fairly intelligent (I assume) businesspeople cold calling me in the middle

Forget the Finger Free Frosty Weekend

I had a hard time deciding what to title this post. There was..–Giving Dave the Finger–Natafinger! (from “A Christmas Story”)–Hanging on by a finger–Other non-family-friendly options After the scam of the woman planting the finger in a bowl of Wendy’s

Radio is Dead. Long Live Radio

Before this post “officially” begins…a bit of background… I’m an old radio guy who’s (relatively) young. I worked in radio for about 15 years. Luckily, I was in it during a changing time. I started when things were still being

Essentially Women Healthcare Conference – HIPAA Info

Thanks for the overwhelming response to my keynote presentation “Healthcare Marketing 101” today at the Essentially Women “Focus on the Future” conference in Lexington. Several participants came up afterwards and asked for the information that was on my HIPAA slide.