Month: March 2005

That’s one big late fee

In a follow up to a previous post, Blockbuster has settled with 47 states and DC for their misleading “no more late fees campiagn” in the amount of $630,000. The question that immediately popped in my mind, for some reason…what

All Hat – No Cattle

What if your product were given unprecedented levels of publicity by one of the world’s most powerful celebrities? It was in the spotlight for days. Latenight TV talked about it. Morning radio and TV talked about it…it was fodder for

Brand Overextension

Coke has announced a new diet beverage called Coke Zero. This will be the 3rd (or more if you count Tab) diet drink that Coke has offered. The announcement of “Coke Zero” will have zero effect except to negatively impact

Healthcare Marketing

For years, healthcare marketing has been held back by regulations and tradition-set doctors. If you’re a healthcare provider and need help with marketing, there are already a few engagments I’ve been booked for this year where I’ll be dealing with

The Customer is in Control

I’ve often said that your customers control your brand…but they can control alot more too. This is a blurb from Tim Manners via reveries…. About three-quarters of attempts at innovation fail because of the waycorporations go about it, says Eric

Rice Empowerment

After church yesterday, we headed to one of the more dependable restaurants in Bowling Green for lunch. My brother-in-law loves rice as a side item. He asked the waitress if they had rice as a side. Her response was ”

Marketing by Committee

I was just speaking to a friend who is a marketer. She was dreading a meeting with her company’s “marketing committee.” Many companies have a marketing committee to help brainstorm and provide input to the marketing department. Management feels that