Month: February 2005

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments that have come in about the marketing manifesto on We’ve gotten some great blog coverage and some nice e-mails. It’s nice to know that you’re not totally crazy with your ideas

The 30 Second ad is dead

In this piece from (you have to sign in to read it, sorry), Rance Crain argues that it’s still viable to market to the masses, you just need good creative to get the masses to pay attention. While he

Change This!

Normally, when you think of someone writing a manifesto, you think of a loner sitting in a cabin, stockpiling toliet paper, and plotting against the government. But, thankfully, that’s not always the case. Marketing guru Seth Godin began a neat

Don’t Lie…it’s not nice

From the first time I saw it and then heard the “other part” of the story, I knew that Blockbuster’s No Late Fees campaign would get them in trouble. And it has. The state of New Jersey is suing Blockbuster

Sales Methods

This week, I have been in deep philosophical discussions with a mentor/colleague of mine about the process of sales as it deals with media. I have always told my consulting clients (and anyone else that will listen) that “you should

Your Tax Dollars at work

I am the chairman of a local Junior achievement Advisory Committee. Earlier this week, I was out of the office and went to Frankfort, the state capitol of KY, to help lobby lawmakers about JA. The entire experience was fascinating.

Hardees Ads are straying

A while back I posted about the fast food chain Hardees and their new branding and advertising campaigns. This is a very male focused campaign. It even says so in the spots. I cannot understand why they have launched the